Cupcake Angels has developed a one of a kind Cupcake Kit!

Cupcake Angels does the baking so you can have the fun decorating your fresh cupcakes. Each

Cupcake Kits

Each Kit allows you to enjoy a dozen fresh moist delicious cupcakes at home, school...anywhere!

cupcake kit includes:

  • 12 fresh baked cupcakes (4 of each flavor);
  • icing in a prefilled piping bag with professional decorating tip attached;
  • decorations to compliment each cupcake.

We also include directions to make decorating your cupcakes easy and fun.Shipping of your kit is available.
Cupcake Kits will be shipped Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Please allow 3 days for delivery.

Its fun and exciting to decorate your cupcakes your own way!  

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Coming Soon: Fundraiser kit  

Decorating your Cupcake Angels Cupcakes: Instructions